Sonya A May is a woman who has creativity coursing through her veins. Having grown up in the photography studio of her parents, she learned the art of photography at a very young age. As she grew older she began exploring her creativity and found that her true passion lies in film and design. Sonya graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2017 with a degree in Media Arts and Studies, minors in Digital Media and Design and International Studies, and a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

She has edited numerous videos for non-profit organizations while working at a production house in Lexington, KY. She was a contributing editor for the PBS documentary, Harry Caudill: A Man of Courage.  Sonya also has experience working on film sets, in particular having been the Script Supervisor and Assistant Editor for the award winning, independent feature, This World Alone, which is currently in the festival circuit.

Sonya also works with Mirror Box Films, a production company in the Atlanta area focused on building community around independent genre films. She co-hosts the Mirror Box Films podcast, which is released several times a month.

In her free time, Sonya enjoys attending concerts, going on outdoor adventures, and curling up with a hot cup of green tea and a good book.



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